The purpose of the Summerville Neighborhood Association is to protect and enhance the value, quality, and charm of the neighborhood.

The methods of achieving this purpose are: Preserving the unique character and quality of Summerville; acquainting residents and non-residents with the history of Summerville; developing community spirit through common interest projects; working with local organizations such as Historic Augusta to seek financial and tax benefits which encourage the purchase and restoration of older homes in Summerville; educating and assisting residents in better understanding of appropriate historic restoration; providing a significant community voice in the planning and zoning of Summerville; and attracting residents seeking to express themselves in an urban environment.

accomplished goals

  • Central Avenue Median Improvements – Several of the old, dying trees have been replaced with new ones of several different varieties. Together with help from the city of Augusta and $10,000 from our Association, 65 new trees were recently planted.
  • Hickman Park – Just down the street from the Partridge Inn, Hickman Park is one of the oldest parks in our city. The fine new fence surrounds most of the park now. With it’s four gates for convenient entrance/ exiting, the park is more useful for families with small children and people who wish to picnic there. Some of the funds for this came from the SPLOST money set aside for city improvements, but without the initiative of SNA researching the needs and pushing them through all the red tape required to make it happen, this project may not have happened. There is a new Charleston-style “Joggling Board” on the grounds for all to enjoy. Add to that, the city cut away much overgrown shrubbery, mulching play areas, following up on repairs to broken playground equipment, placing more games and toys in the park house, resurfacing the tennis court, and the list goes on.
  • Appleby Library – Over the years our library, located on the corner of Walton Way and Johns Rd., has benefited tremendously from our community’s generosity. Funding for books, plants and shrubs have added greatly to the appeal of Appleby. A fine fountain was donated by two of our residents, Louise Mulherin and Brigid Pursley, and we have joined with other service organizations in funding the free Music in the Garden program during the springtime and early summer nights.
  • Annual Tour of Homes – Being an historic community, we feel a great responsibility to preserving the integrity of that community, especially it’s architecture, which is truly unique. For over thirty years Summerville Neighborhood Association has raised funds for community projects from this annual event. Volunteers come together to plan and execute one of the finest home tours in the region. We enjoy regular attendance from visitors across the southeast who to travel back in time as they walk through some of the finest homes in our region. The care and respect for craftsmanship shown in these homes is well known, and always makes for a memorable experience.

It’s difficult to list all of the projects, programs and names of all the volunteers who’ve helped make us an effective organization over the years. However, to carry on this tradition we need your support and participation. If you wish to help continue the mission of the Summerville Neighborhood Association, please consider becoming a member today.