The Tour of Homes is coming up soon. You will see requests for volunteers in the articles from the tour chair and the house captain chair. This is an opportunity to give back to your neighborhood and be a part of an annual event that is 40 years old this year! I urge you to call and volunteer.

Summerville has had a busy year. A committee is working with Augusta University to reinstate the Gene Gibson Scholarship for an incoming freshman (see the accompanying article). If you’re new to our neighborhood, Gene Gibson was our founder. In 1976, it was his idea to start this neighborhood association. It has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. Thank you to everybody who continues to make Summerville a great place to live!

This brings us to membership dues. Dues for 2018 are due October 1. If you are a paid member, you will get a discount on your tour ticket. Info on the back page.

Another advantage of membership is the Association’s continued efforts in protecting and preserving our historic neighborhood. Summerville is a National Historic District and a local Historic District. Our Preservation Committee works year-round in helping keep our tree lined streets and treasured homes intact. If you have any questions about preservation or would
like to help, please call a member of the preservation committee. Also, available for purchase at Tour Headquarters will be the Summerville Historic District Guideline book. This explains the guidelines for any exterior changes to your property.

Headquarters will again be at The Appleby Library, 2260 Walton Way. We are very grateful to them for their continuing help and support.

Our tour will feature beautiful homes and Georgia Grown Village as well as our local artisians. We welcome back our return vendors and hope they and our new vendors have a great tour.

Also this year, we are excited to bring back the Summerville aprons and the Summerville Sampler
cookbooks. These were originally offered in the 1980’s. Paired together, they make a wonderful gift. They will be available at tour headquarters and throughout the year at St. Mary‐on‐the Hill Catholic Church.

I hope you will come out for a wonderful day and meet your neighbors.

See you there.

Mary Lou Garren
President SNA