July 22, 2019

Thanks to the wonderful work of the late Mary Lou Garren who, along with Gene Gibson, founded the Summerville Neighborhood Association and to subsequent boards and leaders over the years, Summerville was saved from deterioration and its historic structures preserved. Mary Lou came back just prior to her death to serve SNA again, taking on the role as interim president even while battling cancer. While we owe all who have contributed to making Summerville a desirable place to live and work, we owe special thanks to Mary Lou. She loved Summerville! The board of directors has approved the creation of a memorial plaque honoring Mary Lou and Gene as the co-founders of SNA, to be attached to the Summerville historic marker at the corner of Walton Way and Milledge Road.

At the special meeting of the SNA members on July 11, 2019 the following persons were elected as directors and officers:

Officers serving until replaced by new officers to be elected at the December 2019 Membership meeting:

· Gerald (Jerry) Woods, President

· David Claffey, Vice President

· Phil Wahl, Secretary-Treasurer

New directors, who will serve through December 31, 2019 and begin a standard 3-year term on January 1, 2020:

· Kelly Mooney

· Maggie Deloach

· Erin Pruett

· Al Dallas

Continuing directors:

· John Williams

· Patti Peabody

· Nick Gladd

· David Dunagan

(David Pulling has decided it's time for him to bow out; thank you David for a job well done for many years!)

We anticipate the election of four directors at the December 2019 Membership meeting.

It is time to revitalize our Association to help improve the appearance of our neighborhood, particularly public areas; monitor crime; and make this a welcoming place to new residents. We will continue to monitor and inform you about potential zoning and Historic Preservation Commission issues, but please remember that these matters are decided by the City, not the Association.

If you own property or operate a business in Summerville, we encourage you to become an active member of the Association and attend membership meetings and volunteer to serve on SNA committees. We need your help with the Fall Tour of Homes, identifying public areas and derelict properties needing attention, monitoring crime, publishing a quarterly newsletter, maintaining our website and otherwise bringing to our attention matters of concern to the neighborhood.

I want to say a special thanks to David Dunagan who has done a tremendous job with the crime watch online site. The response of our residents has been outstanding.

What will the Board do in the next few months to rejuvenate the Association? We will:

1. Hold our annual Tour of Homes on October 26, 27 2019. The focus will be on the wonderful homes on Glenn Avenue. The Board will examine our best options for using the funds earned from this and previous tours to benefit the entire neighborhood.

2. Meet with Commissioners Mary Davis and John Clarke to identify how the City can help with cleaning up and maintaining public areas and deal with derelict properties.

3. Hire an off-duty police officer for special patrols of the neighborhood at critical hours to target theft and break-ins.

4. Schedule a meeting of the Membership in early Fall to hear from the City on pending plans for improvements to Walton Way and from the Sheriff’s Office on how we can each help prevent crime in the area.