Summerville Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Partridge Inn

July 23, 2019

Directors present:
Jerry Woods
David Claffey
Maggie Deloach
Kelly Mooney
Al Dallas
David Dunagan
Phil Wahl
Erin Pruett
Directors absent:
Nick Gladd
John Williams
Patti Peabody
Jerry Woods called the meeting to order.

The following matters were addressed:

  1. Fall Tour of Homes.  

    1. David Dunagan spoke with Nick Gladd by phone during the meeting and Nick reported that he has confirmed seven homes on Glenn Avenue for the Tour.  Nick will email the addresses and names of the owners.

    2. Kelly Mooney and Maggie Deloach will co-chair the Tour and will coordinate with David Claffey.  Erin Pruett agreed to support Kelly and Maggie in the effort.

    3. David Claffey will notify Appleby Library that the vendors and the Georgia Grown setup will be at St. Mary’s School rather than the Appleby.

  2. Quarterly Newsletter.  Jerry will ask Patti Peabody if she will take the lead in editing a newsletter to be distributed quarterly. David Claffey will handle the layout and printing.  Initially the newsletter will be distributed in print to all Summerville residents, but every effort will be made to obtain email addresses for distribution electronically in the future.  David suggested we publish the first one in August and then a send out a special edition in September about the Fall Tour. Jerry agreed to write a president’s column for the newsletter.

  3. Kelly will update the Facebook page and the website and will present a proposal for tying the website to a service allowing online signup of new members where they can pay dues electronically.  The one she has in mind costs $400 per year and includes the ability to push notifications out to members. It also comes with a smart phone app.

  4. A membership meeting will be scheduled for September, primarily to hear from the City of Augusta about plans for Walton Way and Central Avenue and from the Sheriff’s Office about how we can prevent crime in the area.  David Dunagan will check with the City and the Sheriff’s Office about dates they may be available. The meeting will offer an opportunity to encourage residents to join the Association. Al Dallas will ask Augusta University about the possibility of holding the meeting on the Summerville campus.

  5. Previously, the board confirmed its previous authorization to David Dunagan to spend up to $5,000 to secure the extra duty services of Sheriff’s deputies to patrol the neighborhood during times when car break ins are most likely to occur.  David will work with the Sheriff’s office to develop an appropriate schedule.

  6. Jerry Woods will ask Commissioners John Clarke and Mary Davis to join the members of the board of directors in touring selected public areas (Wrightsboro Road and medians on Central and Henry) in the  neighborhood needing special landscaping attention. Board members were encouraged to identify areas they think need attention, including derelict properties, and to attend the tour. The intent is to identify areas where we need the City to help our neighborhood and to keep pressure on our elected officials to follow up.

  7. Jerry will draft a letter to Rob Sherman, the City official responsible for the Historic Preservation Commission to share a list of names of board members who will attend HPC meetings and remind him that no one else is authorized to represent the Association, although the Association will not generally take an official position on HPC matters.  David Claffey and Jerry will follow up with John Williams to determine if he will continue to attend HPC meetings.

  8. The board authorized Phil Wahl, as treasurer, to transfer Association funds from three banks where they are now held to Security Federal.  Phil will also get new signature cards on the account for the officers.

  9. The Association has $1,000 set aside for a scholarship for an Association member’s son or daughter who is a senior in high school.  David Claffey will work with Kelly Mooney about an application process for the Association to award the scholarship. The scholarship will be paid directly to the successful applicant.