Summerville Neighborhood Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Partridge Inn

September 10, 2019

The Summerville Neighborhood Association board of directors met at 6:00 p.m. on September 10, 2019. Present were:

Jerry Woods, President

David Claffey, Vice President

Kelly Mooney

Patti Peabody

Maggie DeLoach

John Williams

David Dunagan


Nick Gladd

Erin Pruett

Al Dallas

Phil Wahl

The board discussed the following matters:

  1. Posting a request on the SNA website and Facebook page asking people to report needed street repairs, City owned public areas needing maintenance, and lots requiring the attention of City Code Enforcement.  Kelly will prepare a form to be available on the website for residents to complete and share with the president. Anyone purchasing at ticket to the Tour will be offered a discount on SNA membership.

  2. Scheduling a neighborhood meeting after the Tour of Homes in October to which the Commissioners representing our area will be invited.  We will cover:

    1. Neighborhood crime/safety; representatives from the Sheriff’s office will be invited as well as the officers who patrol the neighborhood.

    2. City’s plans for improvements to Walton Way and Central Avenue.  The City traffic engineer will be invited to speak.

    3. Maintenance of the neighborhood in general (public areas, streets, parks, etc.)

    4. Any important Historic Preservation Commission or City zoning matters.

    5. Building Association membership.

    6. Other matters to be determined.

  3. David Dunagan reported on his work with the Sheriff’s Office and officers patrolling the neighborhood.  A couple have joined our Facebook page and have been responsive to residents. David was authorized to purchase coffee and, if necessary, a Kurig coffee maker for the Sheriff’s substation in Daniel Village.

  4. Maggie DeLoach and Kelly Mooney are co-chairs of the October 26-27, 2019 Tour of Homes.  Patti Peabody will help them recruit volunteers to assist on the day of the Tour. Plans for the Tour are progressing well.  SNA will provide toilets at the Village at St. Mary’s during the Tour. The board also authorized the purchase of an ad for $500.00 in the St. Mary’s carnival publications in appreciation of allowing SNA to use their parking lot for the Tour of Homes.

  5. John Williams reported on Summerville matters on the agenda of the Historic Preservation Commission. He or Erin Pruett will plan to attend all HPC meetings.  We all agreed that representatives of the board would attend each meeting to express views as residents where appropriate but would make clear that although they are board members, they do not speak for the board unless the board has taken an official position on an HPC matter.  No one else is authorized to speak on behalf of the Association.

  6. The board authorized Kelly Mooney to spend up to $29.00 per month on software to allow Association members to renew and pay dues online.

  7. Jerry Woods reported on the tour of the neighborhood with Commissioners Williams, Clarke and Davis and will be following up with them.  He will also contact the presidents of other City neighborhood associations about joining forces to press the City to improve maintenance of public spaces throughout the City.

  8. Jerry Woods has notified Augusta University that SNA will contribute $500.00 for the 2019 Holiday Tree lighting on the Summerville Campus.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.