Welcome to Summerville... one of the region’s most architecturally significant and eclectic neighborhoods. It's community of residents include students and artists to business professionals, doctors, and lawyers, living in everything from Fairmont style mansions to Craftsman style bungalows.
In 1976, Mary Lou Garren and Gene Gibson spearheaded the groundwork for the creation of the Summerville Neighborhood Association to protect and enhance the value, quality, and charm of their beloved Summerville.  Throughout the remainder of their respective lives they remained dedicated to preserving the unique and historic character and qualities of Summerville.  Both served as members of the Board of Directors and as officers of the Association for many years.  As a result of their initiatives, the City of Augusta adopted a comprehensive Historic Preservation Ordinance, and the property owners in Summerville approved their inclusion.  The legacy of their good work is the thriving community we have today.
The Association works to preserve the unique character and quality of Summerville by acquainting residents and non-residents with the history of the area and by developing community spirit through common interest projects.  The Association also works with local organizations such as Historic Augusta to seek financial and tax benefits which encourage the purchase and restoration of older homes in Summerville and assists residents in better understanding the value of appropriate historic restoration.  The Association is the liaison with the City Planning Department and the Historic Preservation Committee in order to provide a significant community voice in the planning and zoning of Summerville.  It also provides resources to sponsor neighborhood beautification and hires and manages supplemental security patrols.  And last but not least, the Summerville Neighborhood Association sponsors, organizes, and manages the annual Tour of Homes which attracts hundreds of people every October.
Summerville, (commonly referred to locally as "The Hill"), is a large, affluent residential area and historic district located northwest of downtown Augusta, Georgia. The district is site of the historic homes of John Milledge, George Walton (a signer of the declaration of Independence), and Thomas Cumming.  Summerville was built in the 1780s, and established as a separate village from the city of Augusta.
By 1850, Summerville became a four-season community. More permanent buildings and year-round homes sprang up as the town prospered. In 1861, Summerville was officially incorporated as a city with the boundaries defined as a circle for one-mile. Later on, Summerville became a fashionable luxury resort and golf capital with the construction of many hotels. This caused a large transformation — from a small summer resort for local residents to a winter playground for wealthy industrialists and politicians from the northern United States. Two hotels, The Partridge Inn and the Bon Air Hotel, hosted captains of industry and former presidents of the United States. Some built winter homes in the area, while others stayed permanently, escaping the harsh winters of the northern U.S.
Today, Summerville is a gem in the crown of Augusta.  This neighborhood is unlike any other found in the Southeast, with nearly 2400 homes within its boundaries, each having its own special, eclectic charm, architecture, and history.  Homeowners have maintained over the decades the uniqueness of every home, whether large or small.  Each has its own special story.  The Summerville Neighborhood Association is dedicated to continuing this tradition by speaking collectively for the homeowners in this unique area.  We ask that you join, volunteer, and help maintain our collective vision.

A Message from our City Council

Welcome to Summerville!  My name is Catherine Smith McKnight and I am your District 3 Commissioner.  I was born and raised in Augusta and moved into the Summerville neighborhood over 25 years ago.  
The past ten months have been a busy yet exciting time serving on the Commission as your District 3 Commissioner.  Not only have I had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful constituents but I have also learned a lot about the district.  Many of you have contacted me about issues affecting the district, none more important than trash collection.  It is no secret that the City is struggling right now to meet its service commitments.  We all want to see it picked up on time.  I am in continual contact with Environmental Services Division about this issue and have suggested to the Director that we consider a new contract with a private hauling service.  I will continue to bring this issue up at the commission, but I am one of 10 commissioners.  Continue to contact me with your concerns.   Catherine

Message from the President

Welcome to Summerville! It is my honor to welcome you to such a historical and beautiful place. Summerville is rich in history, charm, and hospitality. Our neighbors and friends are part of the reason why our neighborhood is so special.  The purpose of the Summerville Neighborhood Association is to protect and enhance the value, quality, and charm of the neighborhood.
Surrounded by a gorgeous university campus, churches, businesses, parks, and restaurants, Summerville is a wonderful place to call home.  With the help of the board members, volunteers and community, Summerville is a wonderful place to raise a family, settle down, or for a new adventure in your life. It is my hope that Summerville will be the place you call home!
Maggie DeLoach,
2020-2021 President
Summerville Neighborhood Association

Public Safety

The Public Safety and Traffic Committee works to provide timely information to its residents and business owners pertaining to any criminal activity and traffic issues happening in our neighborhood.  We work closely with the Sheriffs Office and our traffic engineers to provide the best service possible to our community.   Most of our information can be found on our Facebook Page and  some information will be on  the new website. With this new website,  we hope to build a comprehensive email database in order to send out this  information as well.  More specifically,  high quality cameras have been strategically placed  in our neighborhood that not only capture the images  that passes by it but also records the license plate.  This technology is used in conjunction with  descriptions that  we receive from personal cameras or eye witnesses who can provide some information as to what may have just happened.  Additional  cameras will depend on member contributions.  Also a comprehensive traffic study is taking place now in regards to Walton Way and  Monte Sano Avenue .  The goal is to determine what’s the best lane usage for motorist as far as drivability while maintaining proper traffic flow and ensuring pedestrian safety.  Central Avenue will continue to be studied in the future as well.  We also want to work with our elected officials in order to get our roads resurfaced.  Stay tuned.               
Please join SNA and stay safe!

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